To do in the water:

Villa Tulia is close to some great marine life destinations. You can visit the reefs near the famous Mnemba atoll, a good fit for divers and snorkelers alike. Almost every time you will meet a family of resident dolphins, in winter it is not unusual to see whales, and the reef is full of colourful fish. With a bit of luck you will also find octopus and turtles.

Our recommendation would be to use only licensed operators. You can choose between One Ocean (about 300 meters from Villa Tulia) or Dive Point (they will offer you a free transfer to their facility, which is right across from Mnemba). We have tried both and know that they can be trusted. Both places offer beginner and advanced PADI scuba courses.


Kite-surfing is not available in the village, but Kite Point is about a 15 minute drive (and they will provide transfer if need be). Open ocean fishing can be arranged at Sele’s Bungalows.

(A word of caution: avoid dealing with beach boys. They claim to offer cheaper service, but it can be a tricky process and it will sometimes cost you more in the end.)

To do on land:

Exploring Stone Town is a must do for all first-time visitors to Zanzibar. Drive yourself, get a daladala or a taxi and get lost in the maze of architectural pearls. Locals are extremely friendly, yet if you prefer guided tours we would recommend to hire a guide from a licensed tour operator.


Spice Tours are another “mandatory” activity for new visitors. There are very few places in the world where you can see vanilla, clove and pepper growing. Their flavour will beat anything that you can buy in your local supermarket. Speak to our local agent to arrange transfers and guide.


Go and see the rare red colobus monkey in its natural habitat at Jozani Forest. On the way, you may want to stop and see the live butterflies exhibition or the nearby mangrove forest. Spectacular.


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