Practical tips

Health precautions:

At the entry to Tanzania you will be required to produce a proof of yellow fever vaccination. Should you fail to do so, you will have to take the jab at the airport which is not very nice and has a price premium tag attached. Malaria, while abundant on the mainland, is not an issue in Matemwe. However, there were cases reported recently in Stone Town. You may want to consult your local GP for an anti-malaria prescription. Anti-malaria pills need to be taken a couple of days prior to your trip so don’t wait until the last moment before travelling. As in any case of visiting tropical countries you may be advised to take some other vaccinations such as typhoid or hepatitis. Please consult your GP before your trip.

Mosquitos and other bugs:

At Villa Tulia, the constant sea breeze helps deter mosquitoes, but, yes, they are there. It is generally recommended to wear long trousers and sleeves after sunset. At night, you should sleep under the net and spray repellent in the room 30 minutes before you go to bed. Keeping the fan on at low speed helps, too. Villa Tulia has some bushes around it, so you may see some small visitors such as ants or beetles. Keep your food locked and they will be less likely to invade the kitchen. Having said that, it is fascinating to see them in action. Drop a small piece of leftover fruit on the terrace and watch it disappear. J

Weather and clothes:

Zanzibar is hot, but on the coast it usually feels mild. The temperature during the day ranges from 25-32 C (77-90 F)  and sits around 25 C (77 F) at night. (During the rainy season, it feels a little hotter due to the humidity.) Don’t let the breeze fool you: the sun is very strong, and it’s quite easy to get burnt. We normally apply 50 SPF suntan lotion and don’t expose our bodies to direct sunlight for too long. Up to you of course, but we warned you ;). While in the house or on the beach you don’t need to worry about the clothes you wear. Anything (including a bikini) is acceptable. It’s a different story when you go visit the village or Stone Town. Zanzibar is predominantly Muslim, and you’ll respect the local culture by covering your shoulders and legs from the knees up.

The ocean:

It is never too cold. Sometimes it is too hot. We love it. From our terrace, you may observe the phenomenon of tides. When the tide is high, the ocean will come right up to your entrance to the beach. This is a perfect moment to go play in the water. Enjoy body surfing on the waves! When the tide is low, take your mask or swimming glasses and walk all the way to the sand bank between the sea weed plantations. You’ll find lots of interesting sea creatures: colourful small fish, shrimp, octopus and coral. Don’t walk bare foot! There are plenty of sea urchins and their stings are not nice at all.



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